Thank You for Your Support

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Thanks to all of you who joined us for the Cordoba  Friends and Supporters Dinner yesterday, Saturday 11/23 at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel. Your feedback is very important to us. Please, take this short survey to tell us how we did.
Cordoba Friends and Supporters Dinner Survey »
Special thanks to our speakers, sponsors, guests, vendors, volunteers and everyone who helped put the event together.  What an amazing team! 
Thanks to your generosity, we reached our goal in pledges. With your help, the pledges will materialize to support the next phase of the Cordoba project in-sha-Allah.
Please, keep us in your prayers.  We won’t be able to do it without Allah’s help!
Thanks for being part of the South Valley Community!
Kamila Kraba
SVIC President

Cordoba Gold Sponsors

Thank You for Your Support


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